Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hookah Holiday 724

He failed to fall.
She failed to go.
We spoke.
She smoked.
He took his first 
breath in years.
Once again home.

Whether you choose to taste the Apple Apple mint or just want to chill in the dimly lit room and vibe to the music it's you time. I was just about to leave. When my server approached the table. I told him not to waist any more cole' on on my pipe. That is when he added two more cole' and said "this is for your last hits make them good I'm just happy you're happy".

The heart beat of San Francisco are the places where you can be you. Where come as you are is more than a saying, it is a way of life. While so many places in the city are faking their way towards the next minute, driven by artificial  tech inflation, you can for sure MISS 724 with that bullshit. Pay, find a seat, and sit. If 724 is packed make friends, talk politics, business or about what you did yesterday. But above all else do you. More then this space being in the bay, 724 is still un-repentantly San Francisco.

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