Major Quest

The meaning behind a string of seashells that is purposely laid at rest in an ancient child’s grave or cave paintings, left for centuries, discovered by archeologists; both are key in discerning the importance and possibility of human creativity. For thousands of years the search for items and or ideas of value have been unified under one-word, “Quest”. The definition of creativity itself has been understudied and, so, insufficiently defined; the word is lost to a limbo of ambiguity.  Durtseuq has been created specifically to act as a vehicle to ascertaining a definitive philosophy of creativity. Not only will the creative process and results be studied, Durtseuq will participate in humanities creative conversation. This Quest will attempt to define creativity through examination of its historical context, current environment and future hypothesis. Your assistance in obtaining those answers and more is encouraged. The search for these answers is our quest moving forward; Durtseuq is uniquely positioned in the perfect place at the perfect time to take us from questions to answers.

 Durtseuq is just the first step in a personal Quest to find as many of those answers that life on this earth will allow.

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