Philosophy of Art Classes for Humans

Introduction to the philosophy of art


Philosophy of Art 160

Barrett (2000) About Art Interpretation for Art Education
Lecture: Art is Definable:Paul Weitz "The Role of Theory in Aesthetics"
Defining Art (by George Dikie)
Arthur Danto "DeKooning's Three-Seater"
Lecture: Artworlds: Dantos The Artworld (I)
Lecture: Dionysian; Monday:Reading: Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy
Lecture: Institutional Theories of Art: John Dewy Art as Experience,
Lecture: Traditional (i,e. Functional) Theories of Art;
Lecture: Cognitivist Theories of Art;
Lecture: Expression Theories of Art
Lecture: Taste: Hume’s Of the Standard of Taste,
Lecture: Monday:Aesthetic; Reading: Kant’s Critique of Judgment First
Lecture: Aesthetic Theories of Art: Monroe Beardsley “History of Aesthetics” (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
John Hospers “Problems of Aesthetics” (Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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